Key employees

The Company’s personnel is characterized by the unique combination of long-term experience and fresh look, as the Company’s management always wel-comes new fresh ideas and endeavours to ensure intergenerational continuity rely-ing on wide experience and well-deserved qualification: a large group of young spe-cialists that have come straight from institutes work side by side with highly expe-rienced masters in their fields of specialization, gradually turning into real profes-sionals.

Key employees of the Company:

Omelchenko Stanislav Grigorievich  is the Company’s founder and eternal head
Omelchenko Stanislav Grigorievich is the Company’s founder and eternal head; has 20-year work experience on the Baikal-Amur Mainline. He has been awarded a number of industrial and governmental national markings, medals and orders for his outstanding contribution to organization and performance of works.

Shevernyova Nina Mikhailovna
Shevernyova Nina Mikhailovna is the deputy manager for economics. Having more than 38 years of experience in estimations, including 17 years worked on the Baikal-Amur Mainline, she is considered to be the most experienced specialist of the Company. She is a born leader, heads our team of estimators.

Our employees always make it a rule to work hard, selflessly, quickly and, mostly important, in a high-quality manner. All this allows our team to implement large-scale projects.