Construction Company Stroymost-1 – has been operating on the market of engineering services, development and expert examination of de-sign and estimate documentation for more than 15 years. The selection of our company as an expert will guarantee the high quality of any works!
We develop and examine the design and estimate documentation for technically sophisticated and unique capital construction projects (subject to Clause 48.1 of the Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation):

  • Hydraulic engineering structures;
  • Aviation infrastructure facilities;
  • Railway infrastructure facilities;
  • Seaports;
  • Unique man-made structures being more than 100 m long/high.

Main areas of our activities:

Development of estimate documentation for any region of the Russian Federation:

  • Estimation of any types of construction, repair, erection and commissioning works;
  • Cost estimation of construction, reconstruction and repair of the projects financed from the federal budget;
  • Development of the estimate documentation for the construction projects financed by JSC Russian Rail-ways
  • Estimation of design works;
  • Preparation of bills of quantities;
  • Drawing up of Work Completion Certificates КС-2, Statement of Value of Works Done and Expenses КС-3;
  • Reconciliation of the scope of works under estimates and according to the project;
  • Follow-up of the estimate documentation in the state expertise authorities.
Expert examination of the design and estimate documentation:

  • Expert examination of the completeness and sufficiency of the design and estimate documentation;
  • Expert examination of the estimate documentation for compliance with the adopted design solutions;
  • Expert examination of the feasibility of the estimated project costs;
  • Expert examination of the design works and engineering survey findings;
  • Expert examination of the scope and cost of the actually executed works;
  • Expert examination of the work completion certificates.

Another major area of activities of Construction Company Stroymost-1 is the development of individual indices of reestimation of the cost of works related to technically sophisticated and unique capital construction projects.